~My Reason~

My reason for blogging about “momming” is because I want to share my experiences, trials, issues..VENT…. and also so I can help..anyone!  I have experienced many-many different things as a mother.  By no means am I any type of expert… but I hope my experiences can help others and I can also get some great input and find helpful advice from others!   

I have 5 children within the age range of 2 years old, all the way to 19 !!  4 boys and 1 girl.. and they’re all pretty amazing!!


Jakob is now 19… he lives with his girlfriend right now.. since graduating high school recently this year (2016) and is just on a journey to find what makes him happy and figure out what he wants to do.  “J” (as I call him sometimes) well, he and I have gone through so much together.  I had Jakob when I was 18… soooo… I did a lot of “growing up” with him, for a lack of better words. ~~ to add to this little misunderstood...overrated phrase that is associated with young parents….don’t we always grow as individuals throughout life??…I am now almost 40.. and can definitely say that I STILL have a lot to learn… so I don’t know about anyone else but I still consider myself doing a lot of “growing up”.. in the now..everyday.  I do think of myself as a responsible mother (I’m not trying to be 20 forever or anything).. just saying.. we never really quite finish growing..”up” ~~ 

                                                         My Jakob

-We lived in different states & over seas

-He was 5 when I had Elijah and became a big brother for the first time

-His father and I have gotten divorced

-I met someone new and then started a life with that person

-he acquired a “step-sister” (not married to her father but this is how we consider the kids relationship.. family)

-and also 2 new little brothers from this relationship…

-had open heart surgery on his 16th birthday!!!!!!! (emergency surgery…not planned)  

-graduated high school!  

   Of course this is just a super quick summarization of Jakob.  I will definitely expand on all of the topics I listed in time, but I just wanted to give a basic background on my oldest!

 He truly is /was my first amazing gift in life.  As a senior in high school I had NO idea what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.  I had no direction, not much guidance that I wanted or would follow (hard head) from my parents either.  With that said, I wasn’t exactly college material at the time.  My grades and attitude stank big time.  I had (undiagnosed at the time) ADHD and it affected me majorly in school.  Nevertheless… Jakob was my little angel and became my driving force, my focus.  He is responsible for a lot of my success, and my determination and me wanting to always be a better person…..he IS my 1st reason…. and remains that way to this day…